Ocean Reef Islands in Ocean Home Magazine

Paradise-seekers will want to peruse Ocean Home: The Luxury Coastal Lifestyle Magazine to see the stunning four-page spread on Panama’s newest residential and commercial development. Ocean Home writer Brianna Lapolla wrote a fantastic piece on the Ocean Reef Islands luxury complex and the powerful duo behind it all: Grupo Los Pueblos and Bob Hurwitz. Here were some of our favorite quotes from the article “Ocean Reef Islands: The first man-made, urban islands in Latin America.”

“It’s not every day that your dream oasis becomes a reality, so perfect that you’d swear it was tailored to your every desire.”
“Because of Panama’s perfect entanglement of modern and vintage structures, timeless tradition, and breathtaking natural wonders, there is no question as to why the concept for Ocean Reef Islands emerged from the Panama Sea.”
“Quality of life on the Ocean Reef Island is above and beyond all expectations, desires, and fantasies of even the most discerning residents.”
“With all the privacy of a desert island, but all the indulgence of a five-star resort, this is exactly the place for those with exquisite and glamorous living prerequisites.”

Learn more about the Panama Paradise by visiting the Ocean Reef Islands online.

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