Platinum Client Services

Founder and CEO Bob Hurwitz decided to create a division of Hurwitz James Company to address and service the specific needs of our most exclusive and discerning clientele.  Each client receives customized opportunities based on individual request and qualifications.  

Under Bob’s personal direction members of Platinum Client Services are offered specific trophy properties, as well as many investment opportunities which are entirely inaccessible to the general market.  By working with clients in this manner, Hurwitz James Company has the ability to limit competition within the competitive global marketplace.

Hurwitz James Company will maintain discretion of the current available homes and investments at the public level; international estates and  investments are available upon request.

Platinum Client Services are available to individuals who are offered invitation, or personally referred by existing members. Platinum Client Services will also be available to those that request membership and provide background information meeting membership criteria.

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