HJC Attends China-US Forum on Education and Investment

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Last week, Bob Hurwitz and members of the HJC team attended the China-US Forum on Education and Investment in Shenzhen City, China.

As the first meeting of its kind between major investment groups and educators in the world’s two biggest economies, the forum focused on topics of investment risks and opportunities, overseas education and immigration policy, overseas asset allocation and cultural challenges – all issues that will be factors in the rapidly-changing economic landscape in both countries for years to come.

Guest speakers at the forum included senior investment manager Alex Ahlstrom, Vice President of Overseas Development at EB5 Group, Xu Li, founder and chairman of the board of Happy Life Education Foundation Limited, Zhu Xiaodong, international education and business cooperation expert, Nicolai Hinrichsen of the Miller Mayer immigration team, and David Schuessler, director of client relations of InGenius Prep. A lively question-and-answer session with investors ranged from current China-US investment conditions and trends to US law and taxation issues, and details on specific China-US investment opportunities.

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Organizers were well-pleased with the turnout and enthusiasm with which their US counterparts were greeted.
“We hope this forum can promote the establishment of a more reliable market credibility mechanism in all regions, provide strong support for China-US education development, project investment, immigration strategy and more cooperation,” said Zhu. “Our goal is to build a bridge for economic and cultural communication, to support increased development between China and the US.”

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