Violet Simpson

Violet has been selling real estate since 2005. Trained and mentored by Bob Hurwitz, she has successfully established a diverse portfolio ranging from first time buyers to multimillion dollar clients. Originally a San Diego native, Violet began her real estate career as loan officer, organizing and speaking at first-time home-buying seminars, helping numerous buyers achieve their American dream of owning their first home while guiding them through the entire process. Her love of people is what initially attracted Violet to real estate. She is driven to meet the needs of her clients with focus and care. With high standards and her client’s best interest in mind, she completes all her transactions in a professional and ethical way and keeps a consistent level of enthusiasm. Because real estate can be very challenging and stressful at times, Violet’s prefers to approach every situation with a “can do attitude” and optimism in order to find the best solution for her clients.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 310-600-2858
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