Paige Apar

Paige began her real estate career at the age of ten, developing and managing elaborate kid-built tree houses in the suburbs of Houston. She has been building her portfolio and pursuing her love of real estate in The Hamptons, Malibu, and the greater Los Angeles area ever since. Paige is a true southern social dynamo/debutante who, even after traveling the world, has “never met a stranger.” Although her formative years were spent in Texas, Paige left for the East Coast to study design. She is an honored graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design and an award-winning creative entrepreneur, designer, and producer, specializing in creating compelling products and content. Paige started at the top and never left, spending the early part of her career working with A-list celebrities and on-air talent as an Emmy-award winning IATSE costumer, wardrobe stylist, and now, as a producer. Paige has made a career out of designing, selling, and buying really nice things. In a word, she is a people person with great taste. Paige joined the HJC team in 2016 and even before she had her business cards, Paige completed two local transactions and negotiated a multi-million dollar listing and 1031 property exchange in Southampton, New York. Paige is solution-driven and covets efficiency, taking great pride in top level negotiations skills and top level representation for her clients.
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